Key to thriving: Find your Sisters.

What happens when women connect with other women?


Magic indeed. The sound of lightning cracking in the heavens can be heard when women connect with other women in meaningful ways. It is wildly underestimated.

Today we live in an age where there’s an epidemic of loneliness, of depression and anxiety. And ironically, we are more connected than any known ancestor in history.

We’re talking over 200,000 years, people.

Women have had a particularly tough time with suppression in the last 3,500 years, in case you didn’t get the memo. We’ve lost our understanding of the female power and the value of authentic connections with other women through generations of destructive conditioning and oppression.

As women, we are so prone to judging ourselves and other women that we become blind to that fact that we NEED each other. We NEED to be a part of a strong sisterhood who will support us, inspire us, lift us up and ground us in an age which is really quite awkward.

There’s a lot of grey area and uncertainty when it comes to understanding the role and power that women as a collective have in the world.

So what exactly is a sister tribe?

Most women have female friends, although, some women avoid having female friends because they can’t find any nice ones. However, at some point in our lives, we have all had female friends.

When I say sisterhood, I’m not talking about your group of girlfriends from high school or the extended group that get together for every birthday party. No, a sisterhood is magic, not contextual.

A sisterhood, is a group of diverse women, young, old, fat, skinny, sick and healthy that come together as a collective with an unspoken (or spoken) promise to support each other. To share experiences and wisdom, to inspire, to lift each other up and EMPOWER when we are vulnerable and feeling small. They are the cheerleaders and offer encouragement when we’ve done something incredible.

A sisterhood accepts diverse beliefs without judgment because they understand that there is NOT one correct belief. Be that religion, spirituality, lifestyle or life decisions.

A sisterhood is vowed NEVER to tear another woman down or to speak with vindictive intent, wearing the lenses of their own suffering.

A sisterhood is formed with the intention to EMPOWER, to serve and to support.

We are not the independent creatures we like to think we are, we NEED support from other women to thrive.

There are things about being a woman, that men will simply never understand. And there’s nothing wrong with that! There’s plenty of things about being a man that women will never understand (or want to understand). Differences are wonderful, they create balance; Ying and Yang, sun and moon.

So what is the difference between a girlfriend and a sister?

You can find a girlfriend everywhere, a girlfriend is just a friend. They’re the person you may or may not turn to for advice depending on the subject matter. There is a bit of a barrier in allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable with this woman.

While you know they mean you no harm, you’re not 100% sure of their intentions 100% of the time, even if they’ve done nothing to actively hurt you.

We’ve all had friends that put you down in a backhanded way, under the guise of being honest or trying to help you. Advice or comments that just make you feel like crap, with the underlying intention of not wanting you to soar higher than they are. Comments fuelled by jealousy.

I’m confident you’ve met this woman. We all have, don’t let that experience lead you to close the book on making new and meaningful connections with other women.

So how do you find your sisterhood?

This step requires you to get out of your comfort zone.

From personal experience, I found my sisterhood and started truly connecting with women in a meaningful way when I began to invest in my personal and spiritual development with the wonderful Alphamama. I believe that this is a step that you can take to.

We all want to be better, bigger, more powerful, confident and happy. I suggest investing more in activities and practices that lead you closer to the woman/human that you want to be.

Whatever that means to you, if you want to learn how to be more creative, then research and find a woman’s group that facilitates that, find a coach or join a program. Even if you have no money right now I promise you that there is always something that you can do which will lead you to connect with other women.

My most valuable connection with other inspiring women came from a Facebook community for creative women. And that was free.

If you ever look to attend seminars or self-development courses on how to make more money or how to be more successful at work, every good facilitator will tell you, rinse and repeat that you are the average of your five closest friends.

This means, if you are surrounded by negative women or friends, you will be in a state protecting yourself, instead of growing into that big beautiful butterfly you aspire to be.

There’s no room to grow when you’re surrounded by negativity.

When you surround yourself with other inspired, motivated and uplifting women, it will affect every area of your life I assure you.

When women connect with other women in meaningful and authentic ways, magic happens.