The Call.

The thump of the warrior heart rings in ear,
The call has been made, there is nowhere to retreat,
Step out of the shadows and reveal yourself woman.

You been gliding across the shadows edge,
Playing with the light,
Resisting discovery as if for survival.

What do you resist?
Not fear, but destruction.
Are you scared of your destruction Warrior?
Why do you think you were born?

To glide across the shadows is not to live at all,
There’s fire in the belly, and it ignites you entirely,
Stop resisting,
Stop resisting Warrior Woman, come out.

How you yearn to feel sunlight, stop resisting.

Drum is pounding, vibrations echo in your bones,
Stop resisting.

Strength of lion, heart of eagle,
Stop resisting.

Step into power, Warrior.
Walk into the light,
Let me see what you are made of,
Unfold, unfurl, unravel,
Stretch your arms, get acquainted with your bones and guts.
What are you made of Warrior Woman?
You have been misinformed of what your bones consist of, of what your muscles do,
A life lived with no mirror, lived not seeing a true reflection.

You have been in darkness, a heavy smoke,
You have tried to destruct yourself,
Your largeness is inescapable,
You are inescapable,
The call is inescapable,

Lay ownership on this land,
Lay ownership on what you believe Warrior Woman.

That fire aint there for no reason,
Sometimes, destruction is necessary.
Sometimes, you will have to be the bearer.
Sometimes, you will injure.
Sometimes, you will kill.
Sometimes, you will defeat.
Sometimes, you will fight.
Sometimes, you will conquer.

Will you stand in your glory Warrior Woman?

Will you wear your skin and lay claim?

Push your shoulders back, wear your chin up straight,
You woman, take up space.