Warning: Don’t read if you don’t like Menstruation.

Pun intended folks.

Here’s a review on the menstrual cup which you’ve probably seen across social media at some stage.

That’s right this one is about periods, bloody, messy, monstrous periods.

When I first heard about the Menstrual Cup, I shuddered. It was very unsettling to think about to think about sending a silicone cup into the abyss of the vaginal canal. What if I put it up there too high and I can’t get it back out? What if I do a handstand and the blood runs back into my ovaries and I die? What if I forget about it and it fills up too much and causes some kind of damage to my reproductive system? What about Toxic Shock Syndrome? What if it hurts? What if I put it up so high that I can’t reach it, then I have to go to the hospital and have a room of people looking up the vagina, that would be super embarrassing.

And then out of sheer curiosity into what I deemed a taboo subject, I binged on research about the menstrual cup. I looked at Youtube videos showing demonstrations on how the menstrual cup is inserted.. (kidding guys, relax). I looked at Youtube videos with educational content about the menstrual cup explaining that the average women will contribute kilos upon kilos of waste in sanitary products throughout her lifetime and the menstrual cup not only obliterates unnecessary waste, it’s a product you buy once every few years which reduces the amount of money a woman would spend on sanitary products exponentially.

By this point I was intrigued but not sold, it still didn’t explain what was the result of doing a handstand with a menstrual cup. A very unrealistic fear which I’m not exactly sure where it came from, but nonetheless valid. And I came across a video made by Safiya Nyggard, and I’ve seen and enjoyed a number of her other videos from the Buzzfeed Channel, so I deemed her a reliable source for review and my fear of doing a handstand with a menstrual cup inserted was debunked. I actually learned more about my anatomy through a couple of days spent debunking the menstrual cup then I did from 12 years in the Australian Education System, go figure.